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The excitement is here, our home is filling with people we love, there are piles of wedding items in our dining room and budding mums on our front porch.  There is going to be a wedding in our family in 4 days.

Once again I am reminded at how fast the seasons of life pass by – this morning I am sitting on our couch with my married daughter watching my grandson kick away on the floor.  Just last year, she was the bride – now she is a Mom and I am a Grammie.  In just a few days I will have another son-in-love (law) and my first-born will be a wife.  Life continues to change ~ I am so thankful for the amazing blessings God has given our family.

Lord, thank you for the gift of motherhood with all the joys it brings.  It has been such a gift to be Alycia’s Mom and to be part of her growing into a beautiful young woman.  I praise your name, Lord that in your time and in your way, you brought Jason and Alycia together.  I pray that their weekend will be filled with joy, love and memories.  May they always remember the commitment that they are making this weekend ~ and may they continue to love  and serve you all of their lives together.  Give them grace with each other and grace for others.  Lord, thank you for the gift of families, what a blessed gift you have given.  May You be glorified all weekend.  Amen

Jason & Alycia


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Last Wednesday, Saint Patrick’s Day, our oldest daughter, Alycia said YES to marrying Jason.  She started her day in Florida with her Grandparents and me, arrived in Pittsburgh in time to have lunch with her Daddy and by that evening, she had a fiance and a beautiful engagement ring on her finger.

Photo taken by Jason’s Mom of Jason & Alycia that evening.

Once again, Bill and I are so blessed by God bringing Jason into Alycia’s life.  I told him the evening that they called, that Bill and I had been praying for him since before Alycia was born.  It is fun to watch how God has worked in both of their lives to draw them together.  God is so faithful!

It would appear that another wedding is going to be scheduled for September.  So many good things continue to happen in our lives – weddings, grandson (soon to be born), college freshman, empty nest, turning 50 –  WOW! 

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Psalm 126:3

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Josiah and Laryssa’s wedding day is now 2 days away and things are getting busy around our home.  My parents have arrived and Alycia arrives tomorrow and Audrianna on Friday.  There are small piles of items around our house needed for the rehearsal, the bonfire, the actual wedding ceremony & reception and then the gift opening luncheon.  It is going to be a busy weekend.   

How quickly the seasons of life change – right now, my almost married daughter is sitting on the couch with me and soon she will be living with her husband across the county in California.  I will miss her.  It has been a joy to have her home all summer, to enjoy a cup of coffee together in the morning and meal preparation in the evening.  God has been kind to give us this time together.

Lord, help me to remember that you gave Laryssa to me for a season – to mother her to adulthood then to release her to go and create a home with her husband.  This has been your plan right from the beginning of creation through all of the generations.  You must know how hard it is, as you released your son to leave you to go and save the world.  I pray that Josiah and Laryssa will love you and serve you together all of their married lives.  Give them grace with each other and a strong love.  I praise your sovereign name, Oh Lord, that you chose me to the Mother of 3 daughters, it has been a great journey.   Fill me with joy all weekend, make me happy at the works of your hand.  And Lord, thank you that for what is ahead of our family this weekend and in the next season in our lives, help us to always make it all about you….  Amen


Josiah & Laryssa 

September 5, 2009


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The last 2 days I have been able to have written conversations with Audrianna in Latvia via our Gmail Chat Accounts.  We both can immediately respond to each others words and thoughts — from Eastern Europe to Western Pennsylvania.  It is just amazing how connected we can still be even though she is thousands of miles apart.  We share the news of our days, our thoughts, feelings and prayers just as we do when we are together.  It does a Mother’s heart good. :)

I remember when missionaries went away and the only way to communicate with them was by mail that would take months for either party to receive.  How amazing that because of technology, we are now able to communicate on a daily basis. 

Lord, Thank you for the technology that you have allowed man to create that provides me the opportunity to talk to my daughter in Eastern Europe while I am in Western Pennsylvania.  It is such a privilege to be living in such a time as this.  I thank you for the wonderful opportunity this technology gives us to reach the world with the news of your saving grace.  Please use this technology for good, to bring yourself glory.  Lord, continue to be with Audrianna as she serves you in Latvia – bring yourself glory as she serves as your hands and feet.  Keep all the team safe, well and with hearts that see you in the Latvian children and people.  You are simply amazing, Lord and I thank you for grace…Amen

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Yesterday, Audrianna (my youngest daughter) pass her test to receive her driver’s license.  That is such an accomplishment for a 16 1/2 year old – but another loss for a Mom.  That time you spend driving your child (or children) to and from different activities –  like lessons, practice, church activities and more –  is good communication time.  And although I am thrilled for her, once again I am feeling what I mentioned a few days ago — that I am working myself out of job.

When Alycia took her driver license’s test 8 years ago – I remember waiting for her to return from the in the car driving portion.  I was, of course, praying for her, but also thanking God that He had allowed me the privilege to raise her to be able to perform this next step.  Laryssa’s test came 3 years later and once again I was so thankful for another capable daughter. But this time, I was praying and thankful, but also very aware that this was another last time — I am working myself out of the job of Mom-Taxi Driver and watching my youngest grow up another step.  Once again, Mothering is so bittersweet!

To encourage all of you Moms who cannot quite imagine your children driving – let me assure you that it comes.  Enjoy the time you have in the car with your children – use that time to talk about their life, friends and what is on their mind.  And even when you are really tired,and there is a load of laundry waiting to be put in the dryer and dinner to make (and you have no idea what you might be having) – remember that someday you will be watching that child who is currently in the back seat,  back out of the driveway alone with her new license.  And give thanks to our Great God who has given us the privilege to be Mothers for such a time as this.



Thank you for allowing me to raise our daughters to be able to grow, go off to school and to learn to drive without me.  I am so proud and thankful, yet Lord, sometimes it hurts not be needed as much as I was before.  Help me to continue to allow them to go through the “growing up” passages that need to happen and most of all to pass the baton of faith onto each of them.  Being a Mom has been such an amazing journey, for which I am so thankful.  And would you please keep Audrianna safe, as she drives and in school because, Lord, I still am a Mom you know.  :)  You are amazing Lord, your plan for the family is so good and I thank you!  Amen 


My High School Senior Daughter who now has her driver’s license with our “Sassy Kitty”.

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 Yesterday, our youngest daughter, Audrianna, turned 16.  We were blessed by a wonderful array of friends celebrating her birthday with a surprise party at our home.  The youngest party attender was 4 and the oldest was my husband’s father who is 78.  We had about 50 people at our  home ~ I am so thankful for a home that comfortably accommodates that many people.

Our house was full of little ones from families from MOPS (most of whom she babysits for), our neighbors, Bible Study & church friends and teenagers!!!  How thankful, I am for people who love my daughter and have invested in her life.  I love the intergenerational fellowship!!

Since money is so tight for us right now, Bill and I gave her a locket I had received from my maternal grandparents when I turned 15.  I took it to my favorite jeweler (Kimpel’s);  they cleaned it up and engraved it with the words “Love Daddy & Mom”.  Each of our daughter’s has received a locket for their 16th birthday.  I was hoping that Audrianna would not be disappointed by receiving my old locket instead of a new one – she told me that it was really special to have mine and that is was vintage (wow, come to think of it is it is 32 years old).  Another really amazing gift of her birthday is money that people gave her to help her by a laptop.  She received about 1/2 of the money she will need to purchase her own laptop.  No, there was not a new car for her — not even a used car — but I know that she felt loved and special on her 16th day .

I have always loved to celebrate our daughter’s birthdays with parties and celebrations.  The days that my daughters were born were among the most special days in my life (others include my wedding day …).  Becoming a Mother each time completely changed my life.  Alycia made me experience a  mother’s love for the first time, Laryssa made me learn to trust God with her health problems and Audrianna made me enjoy motherhood because I relaxed with her. 

When I was pregnant with Audrianna  (it was an extremely difficult pregnancy), Bill would often tell me how glad I would be that we had a younger child when the older ones were grown.  How true he was — it has been a complete joy to be Audrianna’s mother (actually it is a joy to be a mother to each of our daughters) and to still enjoy a teenager in our home.

My prayer for her is that she will continue to grow in God’s grace – experiencing both the good and the difficult with an understanding of God’s unending love for her.  It has been a  hard year for all of us, but recently Audrianna came into my room and told me that she would rather be in our family than in one that has a lot of money.   

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better.  I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints and HIs incomparably great power for us who believe.  Ephesians 1:17-18

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